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These cartridges are free to giveaway, because they had passed their 'best before' date. Note the difference between 'best before' and 'use by' date. 'Best before' date marks the day when the cartridge can no longer satisfactory performs at its peak quality.
First come first serve, send an email to to request from any of the free items below. Just pay for postage. No warranty on these products.

Compatible: T003, T005, S020097, S020138, T0561 T0562, T0563, T0564, T0461 472 473 474.
                      T0540 541 542 543 544 547 548 549.
Compatible Spongeless: T017, T018, T040, T041, T039
Compatible Twin Cartridge: T007
Refillable Cartridge: T0461 473 473 474 T0540 541 542 543 544 547 548 549

Compatible: BCI-6PM, BCI-3ePB, BCI-6G, BCI-3ePM, BCI-3ePC
Compatible Spongeless: BCI-3ePB, BCI-3ePM, BCI-3ePC
Refillable Cartridge: BCI-6PC BCI-6PM


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3 x Epson Compatible T026 
Spongeless Refillable Cartridge with auto reset chip


New product coming soon



Epson Compatible T082N B/C/M/Y/LC/LM Six(6) Refillable Cartridges Set



Brother Compatible Spongeless LC-47Bk/C/M/Y (black 1.5x volume, colours 2.5x volume)


Brother Compatible Spongeless LC-57Bk/C/M/Y (normal black, colours 2X volume)






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