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Chip resetter for Epson

Not available anymore

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Not available anymore

Suitable for all Epson cartridges.  This resetter is not suitable for the T0731~734, T0821~826 cartridges. For these cartridges, we recommend our auto-reset chips.

Can you recall seeing a small tiny micro-chip on
your epson ink cartridges ?

Well, this is basically a trick that the Head Epson
company plays to stop people from saving money
by "refilling" their ink cartridges.

You see, the chip is used to determine the amount
of ink there is left on your cartridge. Therefore, once
your cartridge runs out of ink. The chip will tell your
printer that your cartridge is empty, so that when
you try to refill it. It simply would't work !!!

But Not Until Now...With the Chip Resetter, it resets your empty ink
cartridge's micro-chip to tell your printer that the
ink cartridge is FULL again...

Cool ?

Use 1
Ever refilled an Epson Cartridge and the computer tells you that the cartridge is still empty? This is because the computer chip located at the front of the cartridge hasn't responded to the refill and "think" that the cartridge is empty.Use this chip resetter to "tell" the cartridge that it is full again and can start printing.

Use 2
Ever wanted to squeeze out every last drop of ink to fully utilize your epson ink cartridges? Well this is the tool you need!When the cartridge is "empty", it tells the computer that it is empty through the "chip" located at the front of the cartridge.  In fact, it still have some last few drops of ink, but the computer always insist that you change the cartridge before allowing you make further prints.  With this chip resetter will "tell" the chip that it is full of ink, and the cartridge will go back to work.  However, please be warned that the quality of the printouts may not be as good as that printed during normal ink level.  But it is still good for printing drafts for your own use.  When you need to print something formal, just change a new one by then.  Or you can actually re-fill the cartridge using ink refills.  This in turn saves you $$ because you don't need to open another new cartridge just to print one page and then let it sit there for several weeks to dry out.

Use 3
This item must be use to reset the chip on new "2 parts ink cartridge".  The "2 parts ink cartridge" is actually a normal cartridge split into 2. The shell and the ink tank.  When you finish the ink, simply keep the shell and replace the ink tank.  This can save you $$ in the long run.  After swapping the ink tank, you will also need to "reset" the chip.



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