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Panasonic Fax Film

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Panasonic KX-FA136 Compatible Fax Film
Code: MTPF136
Description: 2 rolls of film

AUD 29.80

Panasonic Models KX-FP101 KX-FP106 KX-FP108 KX-FP121 KX-FP128 KX-FM131 KX-FM136 KX-FP200 KX-F1010 KX-F1016 KX-FM280 KX-FP106 KX-FM131 KX-FM210 KX-F1110 KX-FP250 KX-FP258 KX-FP108 KX-FM220 KX-FM260

Panasonic KX-FA55 Compatible Fax Film
Code: MTPF55
Description: 2 rolls of film

AUD 18.80

Panasonic KX-FC175AL Panasonic KX-FC175 Panasonic KX-FC195AL Panasonic KX-FP80 Panasonic KX-FP81AL Panasonic KX-FP81 Panasonic KX-FP82 Panasonic KX-FP85 Panasonic KX-FP85AL Panasonic KX-FP86 Panasonic KX-FP88 Panasonic KX-FP151AL Panasonic KX-FP155AL Panasonic KX-FPC91 Panasonic KX-FPC95 Panasonic KX-FPC96 Panasonic KX-FP151 Panasonic KX-FP155 Panasonic KX-FC175


Panasonic KX-FA57E Compatible Fax Film
Code: MTPF57E
Description: 1 roll of film, 70meters

AUD 19.95

Suits the following Panasonic models: KX-FHD332 KX-FHD333 KX-FHD351 KX-FHD352 KX-FHD353 KX-FP341 KX-FP342 KX-FP343 KX-FP343AL KX-FP361 KX-FP362 KX-FP363





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